Blair HBT-C1 Professional Bagpipe Tuner


The Blair HBT-C1 Professional Bagpipe Tuner features the latest digital and analogue technology perfected for tuning bagpipe chanters and drones in pipe bands.

The tuner features easy to read backlit digital and analogue displays which give clear and precise vari-speed needle control, and pitch and note readings.

The HBT-C1 has four individual modes; Highland Bagpipe Chanter, Drone, Tone Generator and Chromatic. A extensive calibration range of 400Hz to 499Hz, the HBT-C1 offers amazing accuracy and precision tuning: +/-1 cent (Hz) and a super fast response speed of less than 20ms.

Hard carry case and external microphone for the HBT-C1 are also available and sold seperately.

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